Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli, founder and owner of the studio

Cristiano grew up in the field of photo reportage since 1995, making a name for himself in several international competitions. He photographed prestigious wedding all over the world , Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, France, England, Usa, Russia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong ,United Arab Emirates, always with his spontaneous and extremely refined style. He’s a member of WPJA Wedding Photojournalist Association USA and ispwp usa, fearless photographers usa, wps uk.

is active in wedding photography and in the field of photojournalism travel, japan, india, usa, bangladesh.marocco, tunisia




the 1st edition of

Photo Wedding Workshop.

A series of events in which learning and training will alternate with several moments of matching and grouping, close to the Sicilian land, its culture and history.

In the new specific location, from 15th to 18th November 2016, a master of the caliber of Cristiano Ostinelli will lead you in culturally and professionally exciting way.

The successful photographer’s secrets together with the nice Sicilian wine and food, captured in suggestive and unique places, to grow together.

The program:

Tuesday 15 nov.

07:30 PM   Welcome at Social Theater of Canicattì and introduction of RecordiAcademy and master photographer Cristiano Ostinelli who will illustrate the planned topics for all the duration of Photo Wedding Workshop:

  • Equipment and accessories
  • Seo, web site
  • The media and social networks’ importance
  • Market strategy
  • Photographic style
  • Photojournalism and creative poses
  • Photographic language
  • Creative use of wide-angles and optical
  • Composition
  • Correlation with subject
  • View of many photos for example
  • View of single weddings
  • Practical part with shooting in various locations
  • Photos post production tricks
  • Filters and special effects

08:30 PM   Welcome dinner in one of the most suggestive historical palace of Canicattì.

Wednesday 16 nov.

09:00 AM In RecordiAcademy location, the Master will develop the program’s topics, with the support of many slides and example images.

11:00 AM   Coffee Break and activities resuming.

01:00 PM   Show cooking style lunch at Café Time of Canicattì-

03:00 PM   First external session in the Baglio del Cristo di Campobello. A wine making company of excellence of Agrigento’s land, deservedly considered among the most appreciated lable at the moment. Here, rows of vines, colonial-style buildings and pyramids of barrels will be optimal opportunities for professional shots, to register in the Winery Shooting Contest: photographical competition with amazing prizes.

05:00 PM Break with Sicilian cheeses and cured meats mating good wines of the company and activities resuming.

08:30 PM Flavours, smells and live music for a gourmet dinner among the winery walls. 

Thursday 17. Nov

08:30 AM Early in the morning, the day starts entirely focused in shooting section with the equipment. The first stop is “Scala dei Turchi”, a white marna’s cliff whose peculiar shape is entirely due to the nature of a land that is always warm.

11:30 AM   From a white cliff saltiness, to the black bees sweet honey in the fauma lands. Corner of unique territory where sensorial routes are combined with architectural elements of ancient rural culture, Masseria Agnello rises on a nineteenth-century settlement, once the noble Sicilian family feud.

01:00 PM   Lunch in place

03:00 PM   To cap it all, the final external appointment will be in the “Parco della Valle dei Templi” of Agrigento, declared in 1997 as World Heritage by UNESCO, it is one of the major archeological complex of the Mediterranean sea. And it’s source of pride for the RecordiAcademy having obtained the exclusive sponsorship for the event.

05:30 PM Coffee break and visit in the marvelous spaces, in Porto Empedocle, of Bellavia, authentic sea guiding light of the man-woman trend and ceremony dresses. Event partner, it will dress exclusively our models with its clothes.

08:30 PM   Dinner out of schemes in the “Farm Cultural Park” of Favara, that obtained the 6th place in the world rank as a contemporary art tourist attraction in the Britannical blog Purple Travel, preceded by Florence, Paris, Bilbao, Greek Islands and New York.

Friday 18. Nov

09:00 AM In the Recordia’s showroom with Cristiano Ostinelli, to learn some post-production tricks on the shot photos.

11:00 AM   Coffee break in place and activities resuming.

01:00 AM   Lunch with an rich buffet in the seventeenth-century bucolic glimpse of Tenuta del Salice

03:00 PM Delivery of certificates and prizes to the 3 winners of Winery Shooting Contest and greetings.

The partecipation fee includes the Workshop, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, excursions, hostess services.