About Us

Recordia creates and provides photographic albums that can make eternal the most important moments of people’s lives. The one who writes these stories, made of light and humanity, of immense spaces and windows in time, is the professional photographer, with his eye, his character and his art.

Becoming our Partner, he embraces the philosophy and the goals of RECORDIA, a modern Sicilian company, with a great handcraft vocation, who believes in the values of sharing, debate and continuous professional development. The cult of natural beauty, the meticulous attention to details and the choice of materials and technologies that respect the territory, create the premises for the realization of precious items that will guard those magic emotions forever. RECORDIA luxury photo album signed items.        Recordia partner is, therefore, a sought after and successful photographer, confident of his resources and to be able to offer much more than what people ask, expect, dream.


Envisaging a superior quality and extraordinarily designed album will be tantamount to wishing a RECORDIA jewel.


RECORDIA churns out photo albums, characterized by superior quality and outstanding design.
Our mission is to create UNIQUE products, destined for a demanding public, that, thanks to the high production standards, represent an example of excellence and “Handmade in Italy” style.
Integral part of our mission is taking care of our PARTNERS, whether our coworkers or our customers, through the creation of